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God Of Carnage Script Pdf [UPDATED] Freego

DAVROS: Words such as patriotism and nationalism.My concern is only for peace, an end to this carnage that has virtuallydestroyed both our races. COUNCILLOR: Why aren't you telling this to your own government andpeople? DAVROS: I have tried. Time and again, I have tried. But now they willbe satisfied with nothing other than total annihilation of the Thalpeople. COUNCILLOR: Then they deserve to perish, and perish they will when welaunch our rocket. It's primed and ready. The countdown for firing canbegin immediately. DAVROS: And it will fail. COUNCILLOR: It can't fail. DAVROS: The Kaled dome cannot be penetrated. Your great rocket willhardly scratch it. (Outside, the Doctor and Harry hide as a patrol passes, then take upeavesdropping positions again.) DAVROS: This is the measure of my faith. Nyder. (Nyder hands over a piece of paper.) NYDER: It is a simple chemical formula. If the substance is loaded intoartillery shells and fired onto the surface of the Kaled dome, it willweaken the molecular structure and make it brittle. Your rocket willthen be able to penetrate without resistance. COUNCILLOR: Why are you giving us this information? You know that yourown people, the Kaleds, will be utterly exterminated. DAVROS: No price is too great to pay for peace. I only ask that whenthe war is over I be allowed to help in the reconstruction of ourplanet. NYDER: We want only to see the conflict brought to an end. This formulagive you the power to bring that about. DAVROS: By dawn tomorrow, our world could be at peace.

God Of Carnage Script Pdf Freego

(The Doctor is strapped and wired into a torturechair.) DAVROS: I have read the initial reports of your interrogation. Thesuggestion that you have travelled through space and time was utterlydismissed by the computer analysis. DOCTOR: I imagine it had never been programmed for such a concept. DAVROS: Precisely. I, however, I am perhaps more flexible. Though thepower of such travel is beyond my scientific comprehension, it is notbeyond my imagination. Why did you come here? DOCTOR: To stop the development of the Daleks. DAVROS: Why? DOCTOR: Because having lived in what you would call the future, I haveseen the carnage and destruction they have caused. DAVROS: Then my Daleks do go on. They do survive. DOCTOR: Yes, as weapons of hate and machines of war. DAVROS: Fascinating. DOCTOR: But there's still time to change all that. Why not make them aforce for good throughout the universe? DAVROS: I could do it. DOCTOR: Then do it. Be remembered for that. DAVROS: You have seen my Daleks in battle? DOCTOR: Many times. I've fought against them. DAVROS: And do they win? Do they always win? DOCTOR: Not always. They have been defeated, but never utterlydefeated. The Dalek menace always remains. DAVROS: If, as you say, they become the supreme creatures of war, howcan they lose? How can they fail? DOCTOR: Misfortune, lack of information, sometimes overwhelmingopposition. DAVROS: Yes, but tell me, how do the Daleks fail? DOCTOR: No, Davros, that is a question that the future must keepsecret. DAVROS: What mistakes do they make? You will tell me! DOCTOR: No. DAVROS: You will tell me! DOCTOR: No, I will not! DAVROS: Nyder. (Nyder leaves.) DAVROS: You will tell me because you have a weakness that I havetotally eliminated from the minds of the Daleks so they will always besuperior. A weakness that will make you give me the knowledge to changethe future. You are afflicted with a conscience.

"Morocco swam in blood when we arrived. Fifty sons of the EmperorMuley-Ismael[11] had each their adherents; this produced fifty civilwars, of blacks against blacks, and blacks against tawnies, and tawniesagainst tawnies, and mulattoes against mulattoes. In short it was acontinual carnage throughout the empire.