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Arif SaÄ and Erdal Erzincan: The Masters of BaÄlama

BaÄlama is a traditional Turkish stringed instrument that has a rich history and cultural significance. BaÄlama is also known as saz, which means "instrument" in Turkish. BaÄlama has various types and tunings, depending on the region and style of music. BaÄlama is played by plucking the strings with a plectrum called mÄzrap or tezene, or by fingerpicking.


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One of the most prominent and influential baÄlama players in Turkey is Arif SaÄ, who was born in 1945 in AÅkale, Erzurum. Arif SaÄ started playing baÄlama at a young age and became a professional musician in 1965. He is known for his mastery of various baÄlama techniques and styles, such as bozlak, uzun hava, tÃrkÃ, deyiÅ, semah, and aÄÄt. He is also a composer, singer, producer, and politician. He has recorded over 40 albums and collaborated with many famous artists, such as Sezen Aksu, ZÃlfà Livaneli, Ahmet Kaya, and Selda BaÄcan.

Erdal Erzincan is another renowned baÄlama player who was born in 1971 in Erzurum. He started playing baÄlama at the age of six and learned from various masters, such as Muharrem ErtaÅ, Åemsi YastÄman, and Arif SaÄ. He is known for his virtuosic and innovative style of playing baÄlama, which combines traditional and modern elements. He is also a composer, teacher, and researcher. He has released over 10 albums and performed with many famous artists, such as Kayhan Kalhor, Äsmail HakkÄ DemircioÄlu, Kemal DinÃer, and Mercan Dede.

Arif SaÄ and Erdal Erzincan have been working together since 1996 and have created a unique musical partnership that showcases their skills and creativity. They have released three albums together: TÃrkÃler SevdamÄz (1998), Gurbet YollarÄnda (2000), and ÃÄnar Olsam (2002). They have also performed many concerts around the world and received many awards and honors for their contributions to Turkish music and culture.

One of their most remarkable achievements is the BaÄlama Metodu (BaÄlama Method), which is a comprehensive guide for learning how to play baÄlama. The BaÄlama Metodu consists of two books and two CDs that cover the history, theory, technique, notation, repertoire, and exercises of baÄlama. The BaÄlama Metodu is based on the experience and knowledge of Arif SaÄ and Erdal Erzincan and aims to teach baÄlama in a systematic and progressive way. The BaÄlama Metodu is widel