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How Netop Vision Pro Can Enhance Your Classroom Management

How Netop Vision Pro Can Enhance Your Classroom Management

If you are a teacher who uses technology in the classroom, you know how challenging it can be to keep your students focused, engaged and on task. You also know how important it is to monitor their progress, provide feedback and assess their learning. That's why you need a powerful classroom management software that can help you do all that and more.

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Netop Vision Pro is the ultimate classroom management software that lets you supervise, control and interact with your students' computers from your own device. Whether you have a Windows, Mac or hybrid environment, Netop Vision Pro can handle it. With Netop Vision Pro, you can:

  • View your students' screens in real time and see what they are working on.

  • Share your screen with the whole class or with individual students to present lessons, demonstrate skills or provide feedback.

  • Control your students' Internet access by allowing or blocking specific websites, applications or categories.

  • Launch applications, files or websites on your students' computers with one click.