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How Bruno Mars' "Marry You" Became A Wedding Anthem

How Bruno Mars' "Marry You" Became a Wedding Anthem

Bruno Mars is one of the most successful and versatile artists of his generation. He has won 11 Grammy Awards, sold over 200 million records worldwide, and delivered countless hits across different genres. One of his most popular songs is "Marry You", a catchy and upbeat tune that celebrates the idea of spontaneous and romantic marriage.

How Bruno Mars' "Marry You" Became a Wedding Anthem

"Marry You" was released in 2010 as part of Mars' debut album, Doo-Wops & Hooligans. The song was written by Mars, Philip Lawrence, and Ari Levine, who are collectively known as The Smeezingtons. The song was inspired by a scene from the movie The Hangover, where a group of friends get drunk and end up getting married in Las Vegas.

"Marry You" has a simple but catchy melody, a lively piano accompaniment, and a cheerful chorus that invites listeners to join in. The lyrics express the excitement and impulsiveness of falling in love and wanting to tie the knot right away, without worrying about the consequences. The song also has a playful tone, as Mars sings about how "it's a beautiful night" and "we're looking for something dumb to do".

"Marry You" became a huge hit around the world, reaching the top 10 in several countries, including Australia, Canada, Germany, and the UK. The song also received positive reviews from critics, who praised its fun and infectious vibe. The song was also featured in several TV shows and movies, such as Glee, Friends with Benefits, and The Vow.

But perhaps the most lasting impact of "Marry You" is how it became a wedding anthem for many couples. The song has been used in countless wedding proposals, flash mobs, dances, and ceremonies, often with creative and elaborate arrangements. Some examples of these viral videos include:

  • A flash mob proposal at Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport in Lebanon, where a man surprised hi