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How To Play Luna Tucumana On Piano: A Guide With Partitura Pdf 29

Luna Tucumana: A Beautiful Song by Atahualpa Yupanqui

Luna Tucumana is a zamba, a traditional Argentine folk music genre, composed by Atahualpa Yupanqui, one of the most influential and respected figures of Argentine folklore. The song was written in 1943 and expresses the love and nostalgia for his native province of Tucumán, located in the northwestern region of Argentina.

How to Play Luna Tucumana on Piano: A Guide with Partitura Pdf 29


The song describes the beauty and charm of the Tucuman moon, which shines brightly over the mountains, rivers, and valleys of the province. The lyrics also evoke the feelings of longing and sadness for the homeland that Yupanqui felt when he was away from his beloved land.

Luna Tucumana is one of the most popular and recognized songs by Yupanqui, and has been covered by many artists, such as Mercedes Sosa, Los Chalchaleros, Jorge Cafrune, Soledad Pastorutti, among others. The song is considered a classic of Argentine folk music and a symbol of Tucuman culture.

How to Play Luna Tucumana on Piano: A Guide with Partitura Pdf 29

If you want to learn how to play Luna Tucumana on piano, you can download the partitura pdf 29 here: This pdf contains the melody, chords, and introduction of the song, as well as a tutorial video by Daniel Patanchon, a piano teacher and musician from Argentina.

The partitura pdf 29 is divided into four sections: introduction, verse 1, verse 2, and ending. The introduction consists of four bars that set the mood and tempo of the song. The verse 1 contains eight bars that correspond to the first stanza of the lyrics. The verse 2 repeats the same melody and chords as verse 1, but with different lyrics. The ending consists of four bars that conclude the song with a final chord.